Thermage FLX

[Check authenticity of tip] Increased skin elasticity with high-frequency energy

1,190,000KRW ~
# Immediate return to daily activity
# Face to neck full-covering # Takes about an hour
# Lesser pain with pain control system
# Can be combined with other proceduress
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    4th Generation Thermage FLX?
    The 4th Generation Thermage FLX is a procedure that eradiates high-frequency energy into skin dermis layer,
    regenerating and contracting collagen for wrinkle improvement and skin tightening, and lifting effect.

    You can quickly return to your daily life as this non-surgical procedure is non-incisional.
    Thermage FLX, owned by Gangnam main branch is the latest version of Thermage equipment
    with the advantage of the excellent pain control system for a precise procedure, bringing greater effects.
    • Treatment time
      Treatment time Within 20 to 30 minutes
    • Anesthetic / non-anesthetic
      Anesthetic / non-anesthetic Cream anesthesia
      (takes 20~30 minutes)
    • Recovery time
      Recovery time Immediate return to daily activity after procedure
    • Duration
      Duration Approx.
      6 to 12 months
    • POINT 1

      Those desiring young and plump skin

    • POINT 2

      Those concerned with deep wrinkle making frown face

    • POINT 3

      Saggy skin due to UV exposure and aging

    • POINT 4

      Those desiring improving saggy and rough face line

    • POINT 5

      Those seeking convenient V-line lifting that does not affect daily activity

    • POINT 6

      Those desiring to get V-line, wrinkle/ elasticity improvement all at once

    • STEP 1
    • STEP 2
    • STEP 3
      Cream anesthesia
    • STEP 4
      Fluid application
    • STEP 5
    • STEP 6
      Certificate of Authenticity Issued
    • 1 In the case of Thermage, collagen remodeling progress takes over 1 to 2 months after the procedure and we recommend having another procedure with the interval of 1 year.

    • 2 Depending on the individual's condition, the effect may take at different periods and recommended intervals.

    • Q. What's the difference between Thermage FLX and Thermage CPT?
      Toxnfill Thermage CPT is a lower model of Thermage FLX. Thermage FLX has a better pain relief effect than CPT and with a precise high-frequency wave application system enabling a fast procedure.
    • Q. What’s the difference between Thermage and Ulthera?
      Toxnfill Thermage uses high-frequency energy that mainly targets the dermis layer with skin tightening and fine wrinkle improvement effects.

      Ulthera is high-frequency wave equipment that mainly targets the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) with a lifting effect for saggy skin.

    Self-care is as significant as skincare for treatment effects.
    Please read through cautions closely and follow them.

    • After the procedure, wash your face with cold or lukewarm water and use mild cleanser.
    • You may experience redness, swelling, and mild pain after the procedure but this is temporary.
    • It is recommended to avoid heavy drinking, sauna/ Korean dry sauna, hot bath, and intense exercise for 3 to 7 days after the procedure.
    • Please avoid peeling procedure or using scrubbing products for about a week after the procedure.
    • You can wear make-up immediately after the procedure and we suggest using moisturizer. Make sure to use sunscreen when you go outside.
    • Should you have any other inconveniences, please contact the hospital.
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